Guide to Mobile Home Insurance

Apr 3, 2020 | Main Blog

Due to their unique construction and vulnerability to certain weather, such as windstorms, mobile homes typically don’t qualify for traditional homeowners insurance. Instead, you need to look into separate mobile home insurance.

Mobile vs. modular homes

Both mobile (also called manufactured) and modular homes are built in a factory rather than on a construction site. Mobile homes rest on a movable chassis and never include more than a single level. Modular homes can have multiple stories and sit on a foundation similar to traditional houses.

The distinction between the two home types can affect your insurance choices. Some companies, such as Geico, may have you insure a modular home with a traditional homeowners policy rather than mobile home insurance.

What mobile home insurance covers

A standard mobile home insurance policy typically includes the following coverage types:

Physical damage coverage: Pays to repair your mobile home if it’s damaged by events covered by your policy. This typically includes:

  • Fire and lightning.
  • Explosions.
  • Landslides.
  • Vandalism.
  • Falling objects.
  • Wind and hail.
  • Weight of ice and snow.
  • Wild or stray animals.
  • Burst pipes.

When selecting limits for this coverage, you want enough to cover the cost to replace your mobile home if it’s destroyed.

Personal property coverage: Covers the cost to repair or replace your belongings, such as furniture and electronics, if they’re damaged or stolen.

Taking a home inventory is the best way to figure out what your stuff is worth and how much personal property coverage you need. Inventory apps like this one from the Insurance Information Institute can make the process a bit less tiresome.

Liability insurance: Pays for costs if a visitor is hurt and sues you, or you accidentally cause property damage or injuries to others.

Depending on your insurance company, your policy may include other standard coverages — such as additional living expenses to reimburse the cost of a hotel in case a fire or storm makes your home temporarily unlivable.

You may also find optional coverages you won’t see in a homeowners insurance policy, like trip collision coverage to repair your mobile home if it’s damaged while moving between locations.

How much mobile home insurance costs

On average, the price for mobile home insurance runs about $250 to $1,300 per year, according to, a group of independent insurance agents.

A slew of factors can affect your specific rates, including:

  • Your ZIP code.
  • The cost to replace your home.
  • The limits and coverage options you select.
  • Your deductible.


Source: NerdWallet



  1. Sue Graham

    I have a manufactured home in Murrells Inlet, SC. Can you write a HO/wind n hail policy at that location for me? If so, what would be average cost for $60k home?

    • Pam Hoffman

      Hi Sue, Thank you for contacting our agency in regard to your mobile home in South Carolina. Unfortunately our agency is only licensed to conduct business in Pennsylvania. I would suggest speaking with some of your neighbors for a referral of a good agent.
      Pam Hoffman


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