Siding And/Or Roofing Restoration Coverage

Apr 21, 2019 | Main Blog

Erie Insurance has recently introduced a new endorsement, which can be added to your current homeowner policy. The endorsement is called the “Siding and/or Roofing Restoration Endorsement”. In the event of a covered loss, most homeowner policies would only provide coverage for the repair of the damaged area back to its original appearance.

However, in some circumstances, the materials used to repair the damaged area do not match the undamaged area because the original materials are no longer available. By adding the endorsement, this coverage will reimburse you for the cost, up to the purchased limit, of replacing all the undamaged area, whether being vinyl or aluminum siding or composite shingle roofing materials, when a covered loss occurs to your dwelling or other structure.

This optional coverage will only apply if the same vinyl/aluminum siding or a specific shingle roofing material is no longer available for purchase to repair the damaged part of the building. The Siding and/or Roofing Restoration Endorsement does not protect against mismatches solely caused by weathering, fading or wear and tear. The optional coverage limits and annual cost are $10,000 for $20, $15,000 for $30 and $20,000 for $40.

This endorsement must be added separately to each location listed on the policy if purchased. If you would like to know more about Property Insurance or want a quote, please click on the link and complete the information.

by: Pamela Hoffman


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